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Exclusive Spiritual Alignment Coaching for Visionary Leaders

Unlock unparalleled clarity and harmony in your life and leadership. Our bespoke Spiritual Alignment Coaching is designed for high-net-worth individuals who seek deeper purpose and fulfillment beyond financial success.

At Niroshini 360, Melissa Day is dedicated to helping individuals find their truest calling through her Spiritual Alignment Coaching. Understanding that each person's journey is unique, Melissa uses her intuitive skills and spiritual insights to guide her clients toward alignment with their highest selves. This transformative coaching process is designed to clear away the blocks and obstacles that may be hindering a person’s progress, allowing them to step confidently onto the path meant for them. Through personalised sessions, Melissa helps individuals tap into their inner wisdom, fostering a deeper connection with their life’s purpose and a more fulfilling timeline.  

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About me

Being born with extrasensory abilities has been both a gift and a journey of self-discovery for me. I have the unique capability to sense and feel energy, transcending the conventional limits of space and time. This "gift" allows me to clear and balance energy systems for individuals, regardless of their physical location. By addressing and removing energetic blocks on all levels, I help people unlock their full potential and achieve a more harmonious existence.

Initially, I kept these abilities to myself, not speaking about them during my younger years. However, as I grew and aligned more with my true and authentic path, I found that many of the CEOs I worked with, as well as mentors who guided me in my business endeavours, were receptive to my unique way of perceiving the world.

This openness allowed me to integrate my spiritual insights into my professional life, enhancing the support I provided to others. My work is deeply rooted in the understanding of spiritual health and the importance of being in alignment with one's heart, desires and true calling. When we are out of sync with our inner selves, it disrupts our ability to lead a fulfilled and harmonious life.

I collaborate with individuals who are committed to doing the "inner work", recognising that they are their own gurus. As a guide equipped with a variety of tools, I assist them on their journey towards their highest timeline and path. This process requires a deep investment in themselves, necessitating full immersion and discipline to achieve profound and lasting transformation.

As a member of the British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology, Complementary Natural Healthcare Council and Complementary Medical Association, Melissa follows strict codes of ethics and practice which cover everything from hygiene to client confidentiality.

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