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At Niroshini 360, Melissa Day provides the ultimate “non-surgical” facelift (Ipswich & Mayfair) and "Luxury Men's & Women's Retreats", in the heart of the Suffolk countryside. As an Integrative & Preventative Medicine Practitioner, Melissa offers Talking Therapy, based upon Inner Child Therapy via Zoom and she is also a Suicide First Aid Tutor. Niroshini Mini Magazine was created in 2023, allowing Melissa to indulgently "deep dive", into one person’s story, in each issue.  

Hello, my name's Melissa Day, I'm the founder of Niroshini 360 which was born through my passionate commitment to the well-being of others. From my early beginnings at the age of 15, working various jobs, to my exploratory steps into the world of counseling at 18, while pursuing a degree in Performing Arts, I realise my path has been anything but linear. My transition from the legal field back to my true calling of aiding individuals in their mental and emotional health, highlights a pivotal moment in my career. It was my training in Reiki that opened my eyes to the human potential for self-healing, marking my evolution into a Master Healer in various Reiki practices.

My encounter with cosmetic acupuncture as a participant in a training session was a turning point, unveiling a new avenue through which I could facilitate healing. This experience led me to not only train in facial and cosmetic acupuncture but also to innovate my own unique method. This method doesn’t just address cosmetic concerns but encompasses overall health and well-being, illustrating my holistic approach to healing. My development of the “Niroshini Cosmetic Acupuncture Ritual” and its delivery in both Suffolk and Mayfair, alongside my offering of talking therapy based on Inner Child Therapy and running men's and women's retreats, showcases my versatile approach to mental health and well-being.

I have a particular interest in men’s mental health and have worked with individuals from extremely vulnerable backgrounds, including those who have faced homelessness, psychiatric care and the traumas of war. My recent certification as a Suicide First Aid Tutor, delivering a City & Guilds programme via Zoom, is a further commitment to mental health advocacy and education.

My vision has always been that Niroshini 360 embodies a beacon of hope and healing.

Melissa’s approach to her work is holistic and spiritual. As a member of the British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology, Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council and registered with the Complementary Medical Association, Melissa adheres to strict codes of ethics and practice which encompass everything from hygiene to client confidentiality.

[Melissa's professional profile, is listed on The Hip List]

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