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Celebrating Strengths – Men’s Retreat

Join us on our deeply nurturing and restorative, one day retreat, in luxurious surroundings, in the heart of Suffolk.

♦ Does it bother you, when the same trigger resurfaces?

♦ Do you feel overwhelmed, when trying to find balance between life, health, relationships and career?

♦ Is it difficult to speak about emotional struggles?

♦ Do you need help understanding, why you may face the same personal blocks in life?

♦ Are you under pressure to deliver workloads, whilst simultaneously dealing with repetitive burnout or insomnia?

♦ Are you anxious to ask for support, with your mental and spiritual well-being?

♦ Are you going through trauma, grief, loss, have suicidal tendencies or feel “lost” and have no-one to talk to?

♦ Do you consider yourself to have high stress, extreme fatigue and feelings of emptiness?

♦ Do you have a lack of financial well-being and feel as if you’re failing to make progress or be successful?

♦ Do you find that you’re unable to concentrate or focus and act impulsively or indecisively?

♦ Are you worried about the future?

If any of these are relatable to you or perhaps even a friend, family member or loved one, then this retreat may be the perfect space for healing, to learn self help techniques and form long-lasting companionships, with people going through similar experiences or who are facing the same inner challenges.


The all-male retreat focuses on enabling self-insight and empowerment. Learning points will cover the psychology of self-development and personality, including strengths psychology. The retreat will combine Inner Child Therapy and Shadow Work. Learning how to reconnect with your inner child and re-parent yourself, is a powerful and quick technique, to free you from emotional and mental issues, that are not serving your highest good and purpose. We’ll also be exploring what healthy masculinity means and shine a spotlight on the masculine and feminine energies that reside in us all, in order to tap into the innate power of both. This will help you lead an even more fulfilling and authentic expression of who you are.

This retreat is designed to empower you, with greater knowledge of the “psychology of the mind”, as well as focusing on the importance of spiritual health. Combining both, is the bridge that forms optimum health and well-being.

What makes the retreat unique?

We are building a network of corporate companies and businesses who would like to sponsor a space. This means that our retreat, is accessible to those who otherwise, may not be able to finance the day. 

Mental health tool kit

When the effect of events in our life, are unresolved, many people feel isolated. This can be due to there being no template, in which to navigate one’s inner landscape and geography of emotions and feelings. You will go away from the day, with a mental health tool kit, to help you address the unique challenges that you face.


The purpose of holding a day retreat, for 26 guests, is so that a true brotherhood is formed, to build a long-lasting network of support. This is a safe and non-judgemental environment, to encourage the sharing of knowledge and personal development. 

Living consciously

Retreat Leader, Melissa Day’s life work, is to bring people back home to themselves. This retreat will appeal to those who have a willingness, to lead a conscious life – being intentional with one’s actions, with maximum awareness of self and the world at large. Therefore, this retreat is perfect, for those wishing to do the “inner work” and who ultimately want to learn, grow and transform.

Giving yourself permission to let go…

Our retreats, are a space in which you’ll be lovingly held, above the hardness and muddiness of the world so you can just be. You’ll have a feeling of being breathed back to life. If you have hidden deep anguish, rage, pain and unshed tears, our dedicated team of professionals, will guide you to release these safely. It’s time to put the weapons of the warrior down and quiet the mind.

Melissa possesses a wealth of 17 years of experience in the Health, Wellness and Mental Health Industry. Her primary objective is to empower individuals to comprehend their own journey of self-discovery, bridging the gap between their psychological and spiritual growth, thereby enabling them to achieve optimum health and well-being. Melissa’s professional background in the mental health field, has sparked her interest in men’s mental health. She has had the privilege of working with individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those facing homelessness and destitution, individuals who have received psychiatric care and extremely vulnerable groups of people who have come from war-torn countries and have faced all forms of torture. These individuals include those facing chronic depression, suicidal tendencies and addiction, ranging from CEOs to celebrities. Melissa perceives each individual as a soul and extends her embrace of non-judgment and deep care.

Melissa’s approach to her work is holistic and spiritual. As a member of the British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology, Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council and registered with the Complementary Medical Association, Melissa adheres to strict codes of ethics and practice which encompass everything from hygiene to client confidentiality.



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Aftercare and ongoing support

♦ After the retreat, you have the option to book a free, 20 minute Zoom call with Melissa. This is an opportunity to discuss anything that may have arisen, following on from the day.

♦ Free group Zoom call with fellow attendees, held periodically through the year, to share any self-insight and topics around managing mental health.

♦ Free WhatsApp group so that your brotherhood formed, easily continues after the day.

♦ Optional 10 week course of Inner Child Therapy with Melissa (1.5 hours per week via Zoom). All retreat attendees, will receive a 10% discount.

Boxted Hall

One Day Retreat

A stunning moated, Grade II* listed country house, part of the Weller-Poley’s estate, is set in 250 acres of rolling parkland. Records show that the Weller-Poley family, have lived in the Hall since 1398. The River Glem makes its way behind the Hall, through the walled garden, where two listed summer houses are found. The surrounding gardens and access to outdoor swimming pool and tennis courts, offer a wonderful balance of relaxation and activities. There are stunning reception rooms, where group workshops will be carried out. The rooms have intricate period features, comfy sofas, log fires and an incredible dining table, that seats 26 guests. Boxted Hall will be exclusively yours for the day.

Pricing & further details

♦ For more information

♦ To register your interest and be notified of our upcoming retreat

♦ If you’re a corporate company or business wishing to sponsor a space

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