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Charitable work

Water Initiatives

Ensuring access to clean water is a cause close to my heart, stemming from a childhood passion. My interest intensified after a conversation with an individual who spent 14 years installing borehole groundwater wells in Africa, only to find that a mere 10% were utilised. This led me to explore the sustainability of boreholes, revealing several issues. These include adverse impacts on local biodiversity and ecology due to the depletion of the water table, potentially resulting in desertification. In regions like the Indo-Gangetic plains, groundwater abstraction has been linked to seismic activity, such as the Nepalese earthquake, due to geological destabilisation. Over-abstraction can also lead to contamination, as it exposes the upper aquifer to surface wastewater infiltration. Additionally, powerful pumps in deeper boreholes cause the water table to fall, drying up shallow boreholes. Consequently, I advocate and support water initiatives that avoid these pitfalls and actively seek innovative solutions for safe drinking water.

Tree Planting

Trees hold a special place in my heart, representing much more than their physical presence. They teach us about community, stillness and the symbiotic relationships within ecosystems. I am committed to supporting tree planting initiatives organised by voluntary groups, community organisations or charities. My focus is especially on high-risk landslide areas where deforestation has exacerbated the problem. In Sri Lanka, for example, historical land clearings for tea plantations by the British colonial administration have disrupted natural drainage patterns and destroyed nearly half of the country’s forests. This has resulted in severe soil erosion, with 800,000 tonnes lost annually. By planting trees, we can help restore these ecosystems and protect the homes of tea workers and other vulnerable communities. Trees play a critical role in stabilising soil and preventing landslides, making this a vital endeavour.

Animal Support

My commitment to supporting animal initiatives is unwavering, with a particular focus on jaguars, wolves and hummingbirds. Each of these species holds significant ecological and cultural importance. Jaguars, as apex predators, help maintain the balance of their ecosystems by controlling the populations of other species. Wolves, with their complex social structures, are crucial for maintaining the health of their habitats, often referred to as keystone species. Hummingbirds, though small, are vital pollinators, playing a crucial role in the reproduction of many plant species. Supporting projects that protect these animals not only helps preserve biodiversity but also ensures the health and resilience of the ecosystems they inhabit. My dedication to these causes is driven by a deep appreciation for the natural world and a commitment to fostering a sustainable future for all its inhabitants.

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