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Luxury Retreats in Suffolk
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Luxury Transformative Retreats

Retreat to the Suffolk Countryside…

Join us on our spiritual, grounding, 3 night retreats in luxurious surroundings, in the heart of Suffolk.

The all-women retreats, focus on enabling personal empowerment and balanced well-being. With tailor-made treatments and time for each small group of 5 women to bond, a Niroshini Transformative Retreat, offers the chance to develop that deep core within each of us; that intuitive and “knowing” place. ~ A safe and nurturing environment, to encourage the sharing of knowledge and personal development.

Are you ready to step onto your life path and purpose..?

♦ New ♦ Not your typical retreat ♦ Next level healing

*Personalised experience, with only 5 guest spaces*

♦ Bringing you back home to yourself

♦ Harmonising the divine feminine and divine masculine polarity from within

♦ Balancing these energies so that they operate from their divine expression and complement one another

♦ Ultimately, guiding you back home to your heart space, where there is no duality, only oneness, unity consciousness

♦ From here, every life choice and decision, will be in alignment with your dharma, your calling, your true authentic self

This is a transformative retreat. The idea is not to “change” you; it’s a safe and nurturing environment to grow, blossom and reach your potential.

Niroshini treatments, reference some ancient traditional spiritual healing practices – with a little Peruvian and Ecuadorian magic included too!

Holistic treatments are offered so you’ll discover glorious ways, to indulge yourself on all levels, with your body, mind and spirit reaping the benefits. The most natural products are used.

As well as Melissa offering the treatments, she has a dedicated team joining each Retreat, to look after you well during your stay. You’ll experience excellent care in a luxurious environment, with kind service and hospitality that is warm and professional. You will experience cooking from Niroshini’s own private chef and a menu based on Ayurvedic knowledge (an Indian wellness system dating back 5,000 years). There will be other delights and treats offered during your stay too…

We have chosen special venues that are magical, whether it’s from their pure beauty, grandeur or location in the depths of nature. Many have featured in luxurious glossy magazines such as Vogue – they are utterly unique and enchanting. The retreats are purposely run with a maximum of 5 spaces so that guests can be completely looked after, from the moment they walk through the doors and get offered their Niroshini “chakra mocktails”, to when they leave – feeling refreshed, ready for their next step in life with balance, calmness and full of passion.

(The Retreat also appeals to brides to be, looking for a completely unique experience, with their nearest and dearest, before the big day).

Reserve your space now to join a tribe of like minded souls and become part of this unique experience.

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♦ 3 night luxury accommodation

♦  In-house Chef – Laura Bridge, named as one of Russia’s top celebrity chefs, has developed a signature Niroshini menu that focuses on Ayurvedic principles. This modern, Saatvic cuisine, works with the “food as medicine” approach, to bring our guests delicious nourishment and health protective properties with every bite. Saatvic foods are considered to be highest in prana or “life force energy”, consisting of plant based whole foods, full of vibrancy and rich in enzymes. They are always seasonal and organic. To view our sample autumn menu, please click here

♦ 1 Niroshini Cosmetic Acupuncture Ritual (non-surgical facelift) & a pre-consultation (our Niroshini Treatment Plan Development)

♦ 1 crystal healing session combined with a crystal sound bath

♦ 2 energy based exercise classes

♦ Meridian Reset

♦ 3 group healing sessions (which include Reiki drumming, chakra balancing and facial acupuncture)

♦ Live music 

♦ Guest speaker

(If you are an existing client of Niroshini, a voucher at the value of the consultation, will be given to you, to be used towards any of our treatments, after the retreat).


Butley Priory

(Weekdays: Monday – Thursday | Weekends: Friday – Monday)

Set in the heart of Rendlesham’s majestic, ancient forest, this particular venue has five guest spaces. For your midweek getaway, you will have the exclusive use of the entire building. View the venue here

Butley was once part of a 12th-century Augustinian priory. As you enter the grounds and building, you can sense a magic in the air – a place of complete peace and tranquillity; far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As your lungs are filled with the fresh airs of the forest, you instantly unwind.

Inside, the building has little gems of architectural delights, such as vaulted stone ceilings, beautiful window alcoves, the “grand hall” where dining, classes, healings and live music will take place and cosy fireplaces.

We do encourage guests to explore the grounds and the surrounding forest, as it’s quite spectacular – Mother Nature’s display – and an extremely grounding experience.

Belle Grove

(Monday – Thursday | November – May)

*Excluding all holiday periods*

As you approach your luxury getaway, the first thing you’ll see through the trees, is a dragon caressing the top of a building which sits snugly beside the 5 star cottages. The papaya coloured house and fairy-tale tower, of this award-winning private home, is where the treatments and group healing sessions will be carried out for five guests.

The exquisite cottages where you’ll stay, (also award-winning) are themselves a veritable Aladdin’s Cave, furnished with fascinating pieces the owners of Belle Grove, personally collected overseas, especially from Africa and Asia. Each space has a distinct quality and jewel-like interiors, filled with an abundance of riches. It really does feel as if you’ve found the key to a treasure chest.

You’ll also be able to relax and enjoy the beautiful natural grounds of Belle Grove. In the warmer months, the lush tree-lined surroundings are dotted with vibrant flowers, the two ponds lit with flashes of iridescent blues and greens from dancing dragonflies. Visitors seeking peace and tranquillity are frequent returnees whatever the season. There is a network of country footpaths in the area, should you wish to explore further afield.

*Guests with mobility issues, may find Belle Grove’s room in the Upper Barn more comfortable. It has a king bed on the ground floor with a walk in shower room.*

Terms and Conditions

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