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Suicide First Aid Training

Suicide First Aid

Suicide First Aid is the UK’s national qualification in suicide intervention.

Suicide First Aid: Understanding Suicide Intervention (SFAUSI)

This is a one-day course training intervention, accredited by City & Guilds which is interactive and evidence-based. It applies both theory and practical skills. There is an optional assignment and enrolment fee payable, open to every learner upon completion of the day course, to gain a City & Guilds Level 4-unit qualification.

Course information

♦ SFAUSI teaches skills that can be applied in both personal and professional environments

♦ No previous experience is required

♦ You will be asked to empathise with people having thoughts of suicide therefore, please be conscious of whether this training is suitable for you and your situation

♦ Number of participants: 16

♦ Delivered: online

♦ In some cases, we can deliver the course on a different time zone


Providing suicide first aid requires the application of skills and knowledge to efficiently and safely intervene when a person is at risk.

When you look at medical first aid, there is a clear role: to assess the wider situation and to respond safely and quickly using key skills. Suicide first aid is the same.

You will learn how to recognise people at risk, intervene at the right time, whilst providing safe and helpful assistance and support.

You will:

♦ Learn how to undertake a full suicide intervention

♦ Understand the different roles of people in suicide interventions

♦ Become alert of risk factors and also mindful of barriers to seeking help

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