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What we offer


The men's retreat is held at the stunning moated, Grade II* listed country house, Boxted Hall, part of the Weller-Poley’s estate, set in 250 acres of rolling parkland. This retreat is designed to empower you, with greater knowledge of the “psychology of the mind”, as well as focusing on the importance of spiritual health. Combining both, is the bridge that forms optimum health and well-being.

What makes the retreat unique?

We are building a network of corporate companies and businesses who would like to sponsor a space. This means that our retreat, is accessible to those who otherwise, may not be able to finance the day. Click Here & Click Here

Suicide First Aid Training

This is a one-day course training intervention, accredited by City & Guilds which is interactive and evidence-based. It applies both theory and practical skills. There is an optional assignment and enrolment fee payable, open to every learner upon completion of the day course, to gain a City & Guilds Level 4-unit qualification. Click Here


Talking therapy for one-to-one sessions, couples and groups (families/friends/work colleagues). The structure of the session, is based upon Inner Child Therapy.
The inner child is something considered as a valid part of the human psyche by psychology. In spiritual terms, the inner child can be described as the essence of our soul. The intention behind Inner Child Therapy, is to provide people with tools in which to reconnect with their inner child, in order to free them from emotional and mental issues that are not serving their highest good and purpose.

What makes this talking therapy unique?

Melissa uses an ancient technique to clear and transmute your energy whilst you are speaking. You will feel lighter and grounded after the session. It is vital that you drink plenty of fluids, in the 72 hours following the session. This is to support your system, as the “background energy work” that Melissa does, has a detoxifying effect, not only on a physical level but also emotional, mental and spiritual too. Click Here


Niroshini Mini Magazine was created in 2023, allowing Melissa to indulgently "deep dive", into one person’s story, in each issue. Click Here 

(including facial acupuncture and facial massage)

A luxury treatment for those seeking a non-surgical facelift and an answer to fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and a wide range of skin blemishes and conditions. Thirty + needles may be inserted into the face, to help stimulate collagen and improve muscle tone. The Ritual also includes facial acupressure, Western and Oriental facial massage and Metamorphic Technique. Photographs are taken before, during and after treatment to document changes. To achieve maximum benefits, it is said that a course of ten treatments, over five weeks is recommended, however, all our treatments are "client led". Click Here 


العلاج الأحادي

عشر علاجات


Held at two magical venues in Suffolk, Belle Grove Barns and Butley Priory. The all-women retreats, focus on enabling personal empowerment and balanced well-being. With tailor-made treatments and time for each small group of 5 women to bond, a Niroshini Transformative Retreat, offers the chance to develop that deep core within each of us; that intuitive and “knowing” place. ~ A safe and nurturing environment, to encourage the sharing of knowledge and personal development. Click Here

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