Kelly Edmett

I have had an awareness of life being more than it seems on the surface. At the time I scheduled a session with Melissa, I had read a book by Dolores Cannon and was intrigued to experience Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). Very thorough information and preparation was shared prior to the session. It was a heart-warming experience, with Melissa guiding the session. The QHHT, brought a sense of comfort and relief.

Melissa is a delight to work and share with. A very kind, caring and graceful soul. I would whole heartedly recommend Melissa, to guide you through this experience, if it is something that you are drawn to and are considering. Melissa helps you to feel at ease and safe, in something that may open up a certain amount of vulnerability. I am truly grateful to have found Melissa, to share this heartfelt experience with.