Chanel Cole

I had some facial acupuncture from Melissa and I found it not only very relaxing but soothing and calming. I did not expect anything very dramatic as I have had acupuncture before and it has always worked for me for pain relief and strengthening of my joints which has been a gradual experience.

On this occasion I was hoping that it could improve my loss of a sense of taste which had resulted from losing my sense of smell some time ago. What was remarkable was that during the course of the treatment, I felt the sinuses at the top of my nose suddenly clear. My breathing became far improved and I was quite surprised at this change as it was not anticipated and quite unexpected.

There is no doubt that acupuncture works. It is a therapy that has been working for centuries and has been tried and tested all over the world.

Kim Brown

I had the privilege to enjoy Melissa’s Lymphatic Drainage Massage – wow! It was a fantastically relaxing massage, expertly delivered, with minimum fuss but maximum benefit. Afterwards I felt re-energised and my skin was glowing. The effect stayed with me for days. I would highly recommend this treatment and Melissa.

Lucy Golding

From the moment I walked into Melissa’s presence I felt relaxed and at ease. The head massage was incredible and nothing like any other massage/treatment I have experienced before! Melissa combined a spiritual approach with a practical and thorough treatment; I left with glowing skin and a real sense of relaxation – I wish it could be once a week!

Natalie Chaplin

Thank you for a wonderful treatment which left me feeling lifted and my skin radiant and glowing. A facial massage is such a treat for me and I also appreciate the benefits that a treatment can also bring.

I have recommended Melissa to friends and family this weekend and will certainly be booking a pamper evening for myself and my two grown-up daughters.

Lynn Turner

At the end of a busy Monday and a battle with traffic across town with the sole purpose of giving myself some “me time” was not an ideal start but in the relaxed environment with peaceful music and wonderful aromas wafting through, put me in a good place to have one of Melissa’s wonderful facial massages…Prepare yourself to get oiled up and have the best 1 hour massage of your life..Melissa has a magic touch and she got to all those tensed up areas of my face, neck and upper back effortlessly. I left glowing and lifted. What a lovely start to the week. Give yourself a treat!

Mia Taylor

Melissa has the power to heal and soothe in her hands. The facial massage treatment was one of the most indulgent experiences I’ve had to date and I’ve no idea how but it made my whole body relax. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who wants not only a pampering treatment but a soothing experience.

Debbie Wick

I am just writing to say a big thank you for the lovely head, neck and face massage – it was very relaxing! My face had not looked so good in ages – thanks. You could tell that Melissa took her time to work out a treatment that suited me – it felt tailor made! I felt nicely de-stressed after a busy week at work and well balanced.

Cathy Frost

I had a lovely time with Melissa having a face and neck massage. She was very professional and explained exactly what the treatment would entail. The oils smelt wonderful and the whole treatment was a pleasure. My aching shoulders felt a lot better by the end. I would recommend Melissa and her wonderful technique.

Jade Mayjean Peters

Dear Melissa, I would like to say a massive thank you after my recent facial massage. Your uniquely designed Niroshini Cosmetic Acupuncture facial worked absolute wonders on me, leaving me relaxed, stress free and content.

I will be recommending you to friends and family for future treatments. Thanks very much.