Distant Healing

Melissa’s exceptional healing abilities transcend physical distance. After each session, I feel an unparalleled sense of grounding and lightness. Her unique gift is truly transformative. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone seeking profound energy renewal.

Spiritual Alignment Coaching

I am so very grateful to have found Melissa, to guide me. I had coaching sessions over a 3 month period and experienced the biggest shift, with my personal and spiritual development in 2022, than ever before.

Melissa’s guidance during the sessions are heartfelt.

It is truly comforting, to have her support and care while the vulnerability and other emotions surrounding this experience are initially released.

I found some sessions quite draining but also very healing. This is a natural part of the after-effects as you go through a process of release and re-balancing.

I am truly grateful to have experienced Spiritual Alignment Coaching; I no longer have to carry a burden upon my shoulders, I feel it has brought a lightness to my life.

Spiritual Alignment Coaching

With my own extensive experience, both as a professional therapist and through receiving therapeutic support over the past 25 years, I learned a lot, both psychologically and with regard to how closely the mind, body and spirit can work together.

For example, I was able to understand, even more, about how different thought and behaviour patterns began and we were able to address these during this valuable coaching.

The sessions are truly holistic, including, as I stated earlier, both psychological and spiritual aspects. I also learned, due to Melissa’s background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, about how the endocrine, lymphatic and nervous systems of the human body work.

I found Melissa’s individual approach and care, to be empathetic and professionally focused and felt both healed and safe during the coaching she gave to me.

I thoroughly recommend Melissa and would urge anyone seeking Spiritual Alignment Coaching, to consider working with her.

Shaun Price Royal Marine

I had the opportunity to attend a suicide first aid course and it was an incredibly valuable experience. The course was thorough, informative and provided me with essential skills to recognise and respond to signs of suicidal thoughts in others.

The instructors were exceptional, knowledgeable and compassionate creating a supportive learning environment where I felt comfortable asking questions and participating in discussions.

One of the most impactful aspects of the course was the practical techniques and strategies we learned for effectively communicating with someone in crisis. Through role-playing exercises and real-life scenarios, I gained confidence in my ability to offer immediate help and support.

Additionally, the course emphasised the importance of self-care and provided resources for ongoing education and support.

Overall, I found the suicide first aid course to be exceptional. It equipped me with the tools I need to potentially make a positive difference in my community. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to be prepared to provide support in moments of need.

Teri-Ann Wright

Skin is clear and healthy. Looking at the pictures from day 1 to day 10 is a boost! I’m glad Melissa took pictures of each session as I can see the difference, where sometimes it has taken 3 odd days for the sessions to take full effect.

Jaw line is my favourite improvement as it’s something I’ve hated since being a young girl and I can see an obvious change and feel less conscious of it. Very pleased that I had this treatment and it helps overall health as well as making me look fab – thanks Melissa.

Melissa always made me feel at ease and the whole experience was relaxing and actually fun once we got talking and got to know each other through the sessions. There is an unavoidable closeness to the treatment, after all, you trust someone to put needles in your face. Melissa was always calm and instilled confidence.

Recommend to anyone with a big event or just generally wanting to look their best.

Jane Clark

I think I have been on a bit of a journey, from being really nervous of acupuncture, as I assumed it would be painful despite hearing only good reports from others that had experienced it. By the end of the 10 treatments, I was positively embracing this lovely experience; Melissa clearly loves what she is doing.

Looking back on the pictures from day 1 onwards and comparing to the latest ones, my face and skin look and feel improved. I always walked away from a session with a glowing complexion. I feel much better about my appearance and I put that down to feeling better inside.

Melissa is a very talented and patient practitioner, always concerned for how her clients are feeling; her attention to detail is excellent.