Laura Bridge, Royal Household and Celebrity Chef

Working with Melissa was a game changer both in my personal and professional life. In my professional life, she directed me to find my own conclusions with patience and careful consideration, just as I was about to veer off in completely the wrong direction which would have been a costly time, emotional and financial mistake and to stick to my core business. Melissa is also extremely well connected and introduced me to a couple of inspiring key contacts.

In relation to working on my personal development, Melissa has been an incredible support and teacher. She helped me understand my tendency to seek approval and permission due to childhood experiences, leading to self-doubt and lack of trust in my own feelings.

Through our sessions, I learned to practice healthy boundaries and trust my intuition. Melissa also guided me in addressing my throat chakra, using essential oils, visualisation techniques and exercises like Emotional Freedom Technique and a meridian and vagus nerve reset.

Melissa is kind, caring, generous and extremely intuitive. Her aftercare, thoughtfulness and research have been extraordinary. I now consider her a true friend and highly respect her professionally.