Spiritual Alignment Coaching

With my own extensive experience, both as a professional therapist and through receiving therapeutic support over the past 25 years, I learned a lot, both psychologically and with regard to how closely the mind, body and spirit can work together.

For example, I was able to understand, even more, about how different thought and behaviour patterns began and we were able to address these during this valuable coaching.

The sessions are truly holistic, including, as I stated earlier, both psychological and spiritual aspects. I also learned, due to Melissa’s background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, about how the endocrine, lymphatic and nervous systems of the human body work.

I found Melissa’s individual approach and care, to be empathetic and professionally focused and felt both healed and safe during the coaching she gave to me.

I thoroughly recommend Melissa and would urge anyone seeking Spiritual Alignment Coaching, to consider working with her.