Pinky Lilani OBE & CBE, Founder of Women of the Future Awards

I first met Melissa Day as a shortlisted candidate for the 2016 Women of the Future Awards, where she was recognised in the “Community Spirits” category. From our first interaction, I was impressed by her dedication to making a positive impact in her community.

Melissa’s commitment to serving others has only grown since then. Most recently, she featured me in her Niroshini Mini Magazine, showcasing her talent for highlighting and celebrating the achievements of others. Her ability to connect with people and shine a light on their contributions speaks volumes about her character and her genuine interest in supporting those around her.

Melissa is a person of integrity, reliability and kindness. She approaches every project with enthusiasm and professionalism, consistently demonstrating a strong work ethic and a passion for community service. Her actions and accomplishments reflect a deep sense of responsibility and a commitment to making a difference.