Talking therapy for one-to-one sessions, couples and groups (families/friends/work colleagues). The structure of the session, is based upon Inner Child Therapy.
The inner child is something considered as a valid part of the human psyche by psychology. In spiritual terms, the inner child can be described as the essence of our soul. The intention behind Inner Child Therapy, is to provide people with tools in which to reconnect with their inner child, in order to free them from emotional and mental issues that are not serving their highest good and purpose.

What makes this talking therapy unique?

Melissa uses an ancient technique to clear and transmute your energy whilst you are speaking. You will feel lighter and grounded after the session. It is vital that you drink plenty of fluids, in the 72 hours following the session. This is to support your system, as the “background energy work” that Melissa does, has a detoxifying effect, not only on a physical level but also emotional, mental and spiritual too. Click Here