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Corporate Companies - Supporting Men

Building an employer community

At Niroshini 360, we are dedicated to building an employer community, that wishes to be proactive about employee mental health and well-being. We want to work collaboratively with you, to help nurture a psychologically healthy and safe work environment. In doing so this has an improved effect, on employee’s overall performance and productivity. In addition, increased engagement, reduced sick days and high retention, ultimately benefits the business bottom line.

What we offer

Celebrating Strengths – Men’s Retreat

Talking Therapy via Zoom

Suicide First Aid Training 

Fostering a culture of openness & kindness

To engage with employees with conversations about well-being and providing practical support, means you have the ability and effectiveness to shift the culture of your workplace, to one of openness, kindness, empathy and compassion. We all want to find ways to prevent poor mental health. Establishing relationships that engage deeply with employees, to understand their personal and professional challenges, means that there’s more likelihood, to put the right actions in place so that staff feel supported from the offset.

Work-related stress & burnout: The Facts

♦ Latest economic modelling from AXA UK and Centre of Economic and Business Research shows work-related stress and burnout is currently costing the UK economy £28bn a year and resulting in 23.3m sick days a year

♦ Data from AXA’s Mind Health Study reveals almost half (47%) of the country are currently struggling or languishing, defined as an absence of positive well-being or in emotional distress

Financial stress: The Facts

1 in 5 employees, state that money worries, have impacted their ability to do their job. Financial well-being is about having certainty, good management, capacity and confidence with money. With rising inflation and interest rates, these are under threat. 1 in 3 employees are affected by financial pressures. This is the most common external cause of stress which shows an increase of 23% versus last year. This illustrates the global cost of living crisis, on employee well-being. (Champion Health: The Workplace Health Report 2023).

Thoughts of suicide or self-harm: The Facts

The number of employees experiencing thoughts of suicide or self-harm, has increased from 8% last year to 9% this year. This means that in every 1,000 employees, 90 people have these thoughts – 10 more people than last year. Data shows little difference between male and female employees, having thoughts of suicide or self-harm – but what is significantly different, is that female employees are twice as likely, to access mental health support, in comparison to male colleagues. (Champion Health: The Workplace Health Report 2023). Research from the Samaritans reveals that middle-aged men, are more likely to die by suicide, than any other age group. Suicide in fact is the biggest killer of men under 45 years in the UK.

Heart attacks: The Facts

Did you know that heart attacks are statistically more likely to happen on a Monday? Clinical investigation reveals that there’s a connection, between perceived psychosocial stress in the workplace and heart attacks. Psychosocial stress is related to circumstances, where we don’t feel as if we belong, that we’re not good enough and also feel excluded.


R;pple intercepts harmful searches in relation to self-harm or suicide. R;pple is integrated into workplace Wi-Fi networks to “intercept” these searches, by instead providing different options for people to seek free, 24/7 mental health support. 

Network & Sponsorship

We are building a network of corporate companies and businesses who would like to sponsor a space on our “Celebrating Strengths – Men’s Retreat”. This means that our retreat, is accessible to those who otherwise, may not be able to finance the day. This can be for anyone to use or you can gift the sponsored space to an employee.


Retreat attendees will receive a certificate on completion of the day. This is to demonstrate their commitment to self-development and improving mental well-being.

Encouraging a Positive Movement

We want to encourage a movement whereby it’s seen as a strength, to undertake a day like this and for employers to value this self-commitment, as a “positive tick” towards someone’s employability credentials.

PR and Marketing (optional)

PR and marketing support is available, to organisations partnering with us.

Additional support for your organisation

Retreat Leader, Melissa Day, will provide a 10% discount to staff within your organisation, (for 1 year) seeking one-to-one support or group sessions with colleagues, in the form of talking therapy based upon Inner Child Therapy, carried out via Zoom. The inner child is something considered as a valid part, of the human psyche by psychology. Melissa has also undertaken studies in Behavioural Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Some areas that can be addressed are:

• Emotional difficulties • Self-loathing • Relationship challenges • Trauma – emotional abuse, sexual or physical • Neglect and abandonment • Addiction • Co-dependency • Anger management • Issues around self-worth, feeling enough and deserving love • Self-love • Dark night of the soul (described by many as spiritual depression) • Grief and loss • Identifying what healthy boundaries are • Learning how to trust and listen to yourself and your intuition • Pain/chronic pain management • Anxiety • Depression • Suicidal ideation or tendencies

Further details

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